Spring has started and summer is just around the corner.  Do you have summer weight loss goals ?  If so, do it now !  Despite all the uncertainty, we’re looking forward to barbecues with family in the garden, having drinks with friends on the terrace or a day at the beach or pool?

So now is a good time to stop and think :  What are your summer weight loss goals ? What can you change for a healthier lifestyle? What would you like to achieve?  More than ever we realize that a healthy lifestyle is extremely important and maybe now is the perfect opportunity for you to get started!  Here are a few good reasons and tips to get going right away!

  • Your health is so important

You want to feel good about yourself, say goodbye to excess pounds, eat healthy and exercise more?  It makes you feel so much better!

The important thing is to start and not put it off – waiting until next Monday/after your birthday/after your best friend’s wedding ?  Why? Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up on enjoyment.  In fact, you’ll probably have a better time because you feel so much better in yourself.


  • You’ve got more time

You may not have the work commute during the week.  This means you have more time to spend on other things, for example diving into the kitchen to make tasty, healthy meals. You also have more time to immerse yourself in a healthy lifestyle. You can start simply by putting aside an hour a week to plan your weekly menu.  This will help you keep on track with your summer weight loss plan and avoid having that ‘I don’t know what to eat’ moment where you reach for a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar instead.


  • It’s lighter for longer

Longer summer days make us want to be more active. We are less likely to curl up on the sofa in front of the TV after dinner and feel more like going outside.  Get out into nature and take an evening walk or run.  Enjoy all the blossom on the trees and flowers coming into bloom! Or how about a home workout in the garden for the gym fans among us ?  Find something you enjoy doing outdoors.  Adding half an hour’s exercise into your day will help you feel fitter and more energised, as well as burning off a few calories.  It has also been proven to help with depression and anxiety.


  • We have more interest in lighter meals

The time of eating stews and heavy stodgy food is over.  We are more in the mood for lighter meals. This is an excellent time to start your healthy eating journey. For example, a delicious chicken salad for lunch and in the evening fish with grilled vegetables. Take a look at all of our healthy recipes here.


  • Barbecuing is perfectly PowerSlim proof

Time to get the Barbie out !  Barbecuing can be very low in carbohydrates. Go for a nice grilled piece of meat or fish, with a richly filled salad and some BBQ roasted vegetables.  If you’d like a copy of my BBQ Tips and Recipes, send me a message and it’ll be in your inbox before you can say ‘spicy beef kofta’ !


  • You don’t have to say no

Because you’re at home and in limited isolation, there are not as many parties, dinners or colleagues treating you to a slice of birthday cake. In short, there are far fewer temptations to give into. You are responsible for the temptations in your own home. If there is no chocolate bar or packs of crisps in the cupboard, you can’t eat them.  So, a healthy diet is now simply much easier!


  • Salads everywhere

After the ‘stodge’ of winter, you’re craving something light and zingy to tickle your tastebuds.  Salads are healthy and can provide plenty of variety !  For lunch or dinner – make sure you add in some fish, meat or plant protein for a good macronutrient balance.


  • You’re likely to drink more water

Warmer weather also makes it easier to drink more water and drinking more water is good for you! Water is our most underused resource when it comes to health.  Good hydration helps your kidneys to remove waste products and also aids digestion as well as helping with mental clarity.

Getting started is easier than you think and if you need a guiding hand then I’m always here to help you take that first step.