Yay, it’s January, the time to get started with your goals for a healthy 2020. What would you like to achieve or do differently? Here are some tips to ensure that you will actually achieve them!

Set achievable goals

Is your goal realistic?  Avoid disappointment and frustration. Instead of saying ‘by August I want to have lost 20Kg’, say ‘in the next two weeks I will lose 4kg’, set small goals so that you work towards your end goal step by step

Make a plan

Eat healthier, make more time for family, exercise more. What does that look like exactly? Which actions will you take, how often, when and how? By making a plan your goal becomes much more concrete.


Is your lunch ready for the next day or are your walking shoes already by the door?  What will you eat in the coming days? Make a list and the have groceries at home. Good preparation is half the battle!

Spread the word

By telling others about your intentions then everyone knows what you’re doing and can possibly take it into account.  Harder to give up when everyone knows your plan – plus you may be surprised at the help and support people give you once they know !

Schedule a reminder
Do you sometimes forget to prepare your lunch for the next day or to go for a walk immediately after dinner?  Put an alarm or reminder in your phone so that you don’t forget your intention.

Another good tip: Set a notification of your good intentions in your phone for every week or month. That way you keep reminding yourself of your goals. Let’s face it, are you still aware in June of the good intentions you drafted in January?  This will definitely help.

Motivate yourself
Flopping down onto the sofa and watching Netflix is ​​easy – sometimes necessary – but keep asking yourself “Is this helping me achieve my goal ?”  Make sure you keep motivating yourself so that this time you don’t throw in the towel.  For example put a motivational quote as the wallpaper on your phone or on the fridge, hang the beautiful dress you’re dying to wear again on the outside of your wardrobe, keep a photograph to hand of yourself when you were fitter and healthier.

Track your progress

How are you doing ? A step closer to your goal every week ?  By keeping track of your progress, you will continue to motivate yourself and not give up as quickly.  For example, put a cross on the calendar every day, print a monthly statement or use an app to keep track of your progress and don’t forget your weekly session with your coach

Reward yourself
Divide your goal into small intermediate steps.  Every success can be celebrated!  Have you lost 5 kilos s?  Buy yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers, the book you want or plan a wonderful evening of relaxation for yourself with a magazine, cup of tea and a warm bath.  When you know that a reward is waiting for you, it becomes more fun to work towards your (intermediate) goals.

Hold on!
Even when you just don’t like it anymore. Keep going and think about why you are doing this again. Of course, you can also always send a message to your coach if you just don’t know anymore. Even if it only went wrong once. To give it up completely is a waste of all your hard work. You will you be even more proud of yourself if you continue!

Believe in yourself!
Perhaps the most important of all is to believe in yourself.  Do you believe in you; that you want and can achieve this ?  A positive and confident attitude makes achieving your goal much easier. If you believe that you will achieve your goal, you will succeed too !  Nothing is impossible.  Create a positive mindset and the motivation to realise something, not because you have to but because you want it!