Hoorah !   The sun is shining and temperatures are soaring.   Wonderful!  What could be more fun than having a barbecue outside on a warm summer evening?  Barbecuing can fit in so well with the high protein low carb lifestyle.  With these tips and delicious BBQ recipes, you can also enjoy a responsible BBQ where fun and good food come first!

Tip 1:       Satisfy your appetite before you start

It takes a while for BBQ to heat up and to reach the right temperature.  In the meantime, you get more and more hungry in anticipation of the what’s to come. Know what I mean 😉   Why not take a few raw vegetables and a healthy home-made dip or a small salad before you barbecue.   (This is also a tip to keep on track to your target weight!)  Also, make sure you have a good lunch or plan a snack in advance. That way you’ll be much less hungry and better able to resist all those temptations.

Tip 2:       Choose lean meat or fish

At the barbecue, choose lean meats such as steak, beef bavette, pork tenderloin, chicken fillet and turkey fillet.  Avoid pork belly, burgers, sausages and chicken legs.  Don’t always go for meat, but also enjoy fish on the barbecue.  Choose from shrimps, tuna, cod or scallops and, in Phase 1A, some oily fish such as salmon or trout maximum of once a week. Another big advantage of the barbecue is that you do not use extra oil or butter to prepare your meat or fish. This also saves a lot of calories !

Tip 3:       A healthy balance is important, what do you put on your plate and how much?

Before the barbecue, make the intention of eating two small portions of lean meat or fish. Take half a piece of meat and half a piece of fish and fill the rest of your plate with grilled vegetables or salads.  This way you are joining in, and also have enough variety without overeating or getting out of ketosis.

Tip 4:       Marinades for maximum taste with minimum calories

With marinades, you can make your meat and fish so tasty that you don’t even need more sauce.  You can make the tastiest marinades with oil, vinegar, lemon juice and herbs. Did you know that the acid in the marinade makes the meat more tender, while it makes fish firmer?  With this tip you can also prepare lean meat on the barbecue.

Tip 5:       Make slim sauces yourself

Sauces are renown for containing lots of calories and carbohydrates; ready-made sauces are full of sugars and fats. You may be used to choosing red sauces because they contain less fat than white sauces, but beware!  Red sauces normally contain lots of sugars. Full-fat mayonnaise is a better choice than ketchup or curry. It is even better to make sauces and dips yourself on the basis of low-fat cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt 0% fat. This way you can easily make tzatziki yourself with low-fat cottage cheese, garlic, cucumber and some salt and pepper. Or make the delicious lime yoghurt sauce from my healthy BBQ recipe tips – sign up to my newsletter for your free copy !  Of course, you can also opt for the tasty PowerSlim honey mustard dressing.

Tip 6:       Fill your plate with a delicious salad

Ready-made salads are high in carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, make your salads yourself. Have you been invited to a barbecue and are afraid that there will be little for you that fits into your new lifestyle ? Then bring your own salad or vegetables for grilling. This way you are not only attentive but also assured of a healthy option (don’t forget to take your own homemade sauces too 😉)

Tip 7:       Drink water while eating

During a BBQ you are eating over a much longer period than you normally would. The weather is warm and often the alcohol flows freely. If you really can’t keep avoid alcohol, limit it to a maximum of one glass of dry white wine and then switch to water. To give the water more flavour, you can add mint leaves, a slice of lemon and / or thin strips of cucumber.  You can also have a spritzer !  Half a glass of white wine, plain or fizzy water and some ice is a nice cooling drink – feels alcoholic but fewer calories and carbs and cooling too !