Miranda Kemp PSNL Success Story

I was no longer happy with the way I looked or felt.

In January 2019 I set myself a goal: before going on holiday to Gran Canaria in December 2019 I wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes again. I decided to follow a diet that I had followed before, but this time unfortunately without any results. I have tried to lose weight with a few other programmes, but unfortunately, all without success as the weight went back on quickly again afterwards.  That was so frustrating.  I really wanted to find a healthy diet that would help me achieve my goal because I was no longer happy with the way I looked or felt.

In September 2019 I spoke with several people who had followed the PowerSlim programme and who had succeeded in reaching their goal.  Because I had already tried all kinds of things but had not achieved any results and spoke to these people who did succeed, I thought: ‘Why not do that too ?!’. I immediately made an appointment for an introductory meeting with a PowerSlim coach in my area, and I started my new lifestyle.  With determination to succeed and the help of my coach, I had reached my goal before I went on holiday to Gran Canaria.

I used to skip a meal, but I don’t do that anymore

What I liked about the PowerSlim programme was the structure it brought to eating. You know in advance what you are going to eat and which snacks you can have. In the beginning I made a list per day what I was going to eat. I then made a box with the products I needed that day.

I also really enjoyed the personal guidance of my coach. I had an appointment with her every week and she always had some extra tips for me.  She regularly sent me tasty recipes that I would try.  As a result, I also had a lot of variation in my diet. And even when I had questions or a difficult moment, I could always send her a message. The fact that she was always there for me and that I could send her a message during those difficult times helped me a lot!

She taught me to look at food differently. I used to skip a meal, but I don’t do that anymore. My biggest eye-opener was that with a different lifestyle you can also eat super tasty, but much healthier meals. And because eat more protein, I am fuller for longer.

I’m not easily tempted to snack anymore.

The PowerSlim programme taught me a whole new lifestyle. I used to find it difficult when went to a party, for example. I always had a glass of wine and was not sure what to eat, and I didn’t always make the right choices when eating out.

Now I check my diary in advance to see what appointments I have and then I make a plan based on those appointments where I can indulge a little, then when I’m going to be a little more strict. That is a good incentive for me and that also means that I now enjoy it even more when I have a piece of cake or a glass of wine, for example, and I can also make good choices when eating out.

I now have a lot more structure in my diet. I still plan dinner for a whole week. I now do groceries once a week and only get the groceries that are on my list. When I used to go to the supermarket several times a week, I often got something that was not on the list and it was usually something unhealthy.

Now I feel really great!  I’m not easily tempted to snack anymore.  At first I did have moments when I got cranky when I was hungry but, because I now eat differently, I no longer get ‘hangry’ !

A tip that I would like to give to others is :  just schedule an intake interview to find out if PowerSlim is right for you. I had such good food that it didn’t feel like a diet to me at all !