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Below are a series of my most frequently asked questions

Medical questions

If you have type II diabetes but do not use medication, you can start using PowerSlim immediately. If you use medication, you must first consult with the dietician, diabetes nurse or doctor. This practitioner must give permission and closely follow the slimming process. It is likely that the amount of medication must be adjusted quickly.  PowerSlim has developed a protocol for people with type I diabetes. This protocol must be strictly followed by the PowerSlim coach in collaboration with the practitioners.

Yes, this is usually possible. Losing weight ensures that there is less pressure on your blood vessels so that they can flow better.

Also the fats in your body and therefore also in your blood and blood vessels decrease, so that there is a better flow of blood. The body no longer has to work very hard to pump blood around because there is less pressure on the blood vessels.

Note: if you use medication for high blood pressure (anti-hypertensive drugs), you must first consult your doctor. The amount of medication may need to be adjusted to prevent blood pressure from becoming too low.

In principle, untreated gout is a contraindication and this means that it is better not to start the PowerSlim diet. If you are under treatment with a doctor for your gout and are using medication for this, you can ask him / her if it is possible to start using PowerSlim.

In principle, the Programme can be followed.  However, you must first contact your treating doctor to find out whether the PowerSlim weight loss Programme can be followed in combination with your illness and medication.

The attending physician must also follow up because there is a chance that the body will respond better to the medication due to weight loss. In this case, the amount of medication must be reduced.

Experience has shown that you should take Thyrax on an empty stomach.  So it is recommended that people take the PowerSllm multivitamin during the morning, which is less than 2 hours after taking Thyrax.

Yes, that is often possible. Intolerance means that a substance is not tolerated. People with gluten intolerance cannot digest protein from wheat.  People with gluten intolerance must therefore follow a strict gluten-free diet.

Every trace of gluten damages the small intestine again. This damage means that the intestine can no longer properly absorb nutrients.

The sooner the condition is recognized, the better the small intestine can recover. PowerSlim has around 45 products in its range that do not contain gluten.

Yes, most people with lactose intolerance can tolerate PowerSlim products well.  Lactose is a milk sugar and this only occurs to a very small extent in the PowerSlim products. However, the amount of lactose that lactose intolerants can tolerate varies from person to person.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) therefore concludes that no recommended amount of lactose can be stipulated.  Some people with lactose intolerance get symptoms after taking less than 6 grams of lactose.

Usually a single dose of 12 grams of lactose is well tolerated, while a dose of 24 grams often leads to symptoms.  It seems that many patients can tolerate 20 to 24 grams of lactose per day, provided they spread the intake over the day and consume it together with other nutrients.

EFSA has also issued advice on the amount of lactose in the hereditary metabolic disease, Galactosemia.  Children and adults with Galactosemia should avoid milk, milk products and lactose as ingredients as much as possible. The aim is a total daily lactose intake of approximately 25 mg/100 kcal.

Almost all PowerSlim products contain milk proteins, so unfortunately it is not possible to follow PowerSlim. Note, a cow’s milk protein allergy is often confused with lactose intolerance, i.e. one is not allergic to the proteins in milk, but is hypersensitive to lactose (milk sugar). More information about this can be found at ‘ I have lactose intolerance, can I follow PowerSlim?’

Soy belongs to the legume family. The seeds or soybeans are the edible part of the plant. They are especially rich in proteins and have a high biological value, making them an important food source.  PowerSlim products consist primarily of soy proteins.  If you are allergic to soy, it is therefore not possible to follow the PowerSlim programme.

Side effects

This can occur during the ketosis phase. Ketones are substances that are released during the burning of body fat. These by-products are removed from the body through the lungs and kidneys, which means they are released with respiration and urine.  This can cause a somewhat unusual odour of the breath. To counter this it is allowed to have 3 sugar-free chewing gums or mints per day.

Usually this has to do with a hormone fluctuation. A hormone fluctuation can occur due to weight loss. It can also be due to a vitamin/mineral deficiency or acidification of the body.  You see this especially with people who diet extremely, but also with people who follow a programme to gain weight.

Hair loss can occur while following any weight loss programme. While following PowerSlim, it is important to take the prescribed supplements, vegetables, and fluid. This allows you to properly remove the waste in your body, prevents acidification and you get enough vitamins and minerals.

Realize that the constipation is partly relative. Due to the lower intake of food and dietary fibre you have less volume in your stomach and intestines, so you also have less to go to the toilet. Only when you really suffer (pain) does it become constipation. You can remedy this by following the advice below.

  1. Eat half the recommended amount of vegetables raw for more fibre in the intestines
  2. Drink enough water (2 litres) and spread it well throughout the day
  3. Take an extra tablespoon of oil per day
  4. Take a tablespoon of flax seeds in the morning, for example mixed with the Power Slim product
  5. Being active helps to start the movement of the intestines. For example, a walk (after dinner) can help to get the intestines going
  6. It is not scientifically proven, but it is said that a glass of lukewarm water helps on an empty stomach
  7. The PowerSlim supplement ‘Natulax’ has been specially developed to remedy poor bowel movements. Do not use this for more than 3 consecutive days.

Headaches may occur during the first three days of the Programme. Drinking a cup of PowerSlim broth and plenty of water is sometimes enough to alleviate the headache. Moreover, the use of 1 AcidoSlim per day makes sense.

However, if this does not work sufficiently, it is permitted to take paracetamol. The headache has to do with the conversion of the body to fat burning. This effect must be gone after three days.

Dizziness and feeling weak can occur during the first three days of the Programme and has to do with the body’s switch to fat burning. This can be remedied by drinking a cup of broth and taking an extra AcidoSlim.  After three days this feeling should disappear and most people experience an extra energetic feeling.

While following the Power Slim Programme you may suffer from muscle cramps and / or muscle pain.  Cramp and muscle pain can have various causes, such as heavy muscle strain during exercise, but not enough magnesium, calcium, salt and dehydration can cause cramps.

To ensure that the body is not deficient in magnesium and calcium, people who sufer muscle cramps / muscle pain are advised to take an extra AcidoSlim every day (for 3 days), to drink enough water and to have a cup of PowerSlim broth.

Provided you do not forget the pill, you are also protected against pregnancy during the ketosis phase. Intermediate bleeding can have two causes:

  • The body is somewhat acidified by the ketone bodies and tries to remove this through the bleeding.
  • The estrogens that are stored in the fatty tissue are released by the fat breakdown causing a bleeding.

To prevent acidification (1) it is important to drink sufficient water and to distribute it well throughout the day, to take vegetables or raw vegetables in the afternoon and in the evening, and possibly to take an extra Acido Slim (in the morning). There is nothing to do for the second cause and it will go away again. But if the blood loss is too intense or persists for too long, it is advisable to go to phase 2a in consultation with your Power Slim nutrition coach.

Body fat contains estrogen. By burning fat, these estrogens are released into the body, which can affect menstruation. It is also possible that the body is acidified. The body tries to remove the waste through menstruation.

To prevent or remedy this, it is important to eat enough vegetables and drink enough water (moisture). If this does not help and you continue to have bleeding, consult with your PowerSlim nutrition coach whether it is wise to go to another phase.

Stopping the pill use can cause hormone fluctuations in the body. Hormone fluctuations can delay slimming. If you, together with your coach, have excluded all other possible causes, it is likely that stopping the pill is the cause of your slower weight loss.

If you have stopped taking the pill because you want to become pregnant, skip phase 1 or 2a of Power Slim. Complete the Power Slim Programme because a healthy weight increases the chance of a (successful) pregnancy.

Other questions

When you make longer days, you take your eating moments every 3 hours. If you do not have enough eating moments to make ends meet during the day, insert an extra eating moment.

Yes, it’s probably not your fault at all. In the first 1-2 weeks, you will also lose a lot of moisture in addition to fat. The proportions in the body are therefore different, so that the fat percentage can rise, while you lose fat in absolute kilos. And because muscles are largely fluid, the scales think that the muscle mass has decreased. This is not the case.

In weeks 2 and 3, the fluid balance recovers completely and you will see that your fat percentage drops and your percentage of muscle mass increases.  Almost everyone knows that your weight can fluctuate considerably during the day.  But just as your weight can fluctuate considerably, so can your fat percentage. That is very normal. One reason for this is the difference in body fluid.

The amount of fluid in your body varies at every moment of the day and also depends on how much you ate and drank and whether you went to the toilet or still need to.  Monthly menstruation also plays an important role in women. The more fluid you have in your body, the lower your fat percentage but also the more unreliable the result.

Body fat percentage is measured with the help of a biometric scale where tiny electric currents are passed through your body. Fat mass gives a lot of resistance so the more resistance the scale measures, the higher your fat percentage.

The stream hardly experiences any resistance from water (moisture), so that your fat percentage is a lot lower. In addition, the way you stand on the scales and the position where your feet are can also make a difference. Rather view the differences over a whole week.

Yes, PowerSlim can also be followed as a vegetarian. Almost all PowerSlim products are suitable for vegetarians. If you do not eat meat, but fish, then of course you can eat fish. Do you not eat meat or fish? Then you can take the best bean curd, tofu or 2 eggs for your evening meal.

These products contain the least carbohydrates. Other meat substitutes are often based on legumes and soon contain 10 g of carbohydrates per serving. Never choose a breaded meat substitute. Breadcrumbs contain carbohydrates and thereby also absorbs fat during preparation. Ask your PowerSlim nutrition coach for an extensive list of suitable meat substitutes.

About the PowerSlim Programme

The body needs many different vitamins and minerals to function optimally. Most people do not get enough vitamins and minerals through their daily diet.  Due to different circumstances, the need for vitamins and minerals may be increased. Consider the use of medication, stress, pregnancy, losing weight or illness. Supplementation with a multivitamin can offer a solution.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the body to function correctly. During the PowerSlim Programme, a number of foods are (temporarily) removed, such as fruit and bread.  As a result, the supply of certain vitamins and minerals may be insufficient. It is, therefore, important to use the PowerSlim multivitamin and mineral supplement (Acido Slim)t on a daily basis, otherwise deficits can occur in the body. This can cause various complaints such as muscle cramps, nausea, acidification and fatigue. PowerSlim has therefore developed two products;  multivitamins and AcidoSlim. The PowerSlim multivitamin has been specially developed for PowerSlimmers who want to lose weight.

The supplements are formulated in such a way that they are easily absofed and reduce and / or prevent the risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the early phases of the Programmeme . The AcidoSlim supplement is a mineral preparation that includes magnesium and calcium.

If you are pregnant it is better not to follow a diet and this also applies to PowerSlim. Your unborn child desperately needs all the nutrients to be able to develop. It is wise to avoid added sugars. This helps to prevent unnecessary weight gain and is also better associated with the prevention of gestational diabetes.

PowerSlim contains valuable amino acids, these are the building blocks for all our body tissues. Your muscle tissues and skin are supplied with sufficient nutrients and this is good to keep your skin tight. With a crash diet you do not get these valuable building blocks in or not to a sufficient extent, so you often have a lot of loose skin. The skin elasticity varies from person to person.

The answer is no. PowerSlim is a balanced Programme, where all products are precisely matched. If the Programme is not fully followed, the effect is gone and the results will not be positive.

No, that is not the intention. During the Programme, the blood sugar level is very stable due to the absence of (fast) sugars. This ensures that you are not hungry. That is fine in itself. However, it is an absolute must to take the recommended amount of products, because otherwise you will not get enough building materials.  This reduces muscle mass and slows metabolism, which ultimately leads to the yo-yo effect. So always take the number of products that you have agreed with your PowerSlim coach.

It is important to drink enough during the PowerSlim Programme. In addition to water, the following drinks are suitable: green or black tea without sugar and milk (no fruit tea, liquorice tea or star mint tea), broth, coffee without sugar and milk (max. 3 cups per day), spa red, diet coke and crystal clear ( 330 ml per day).

Although fruit is very healthy, it is not allowed in the first phase of the PowerSlim Programmeme. This is because fruit contains sugars. These sugars serve as fuel in the body and in phase 1 we want the body to use the reserve fuels. Because the fuels in the diet are kept to a minimum, the body switches to burning fat. From phase 2A fruit comes back in the diet.

As soon as bread can be eaten again (Phase 2a), butter can be used again.  Then use low-fat margarine, this is less fat than margarine. (Note: the word ‘diet ‘in diet margarine has nothing to do with the amount of fat, but with the type of fat.  Diet in this context means that the fats are healthier for the body, but fat always contains 9 kcal per gram. Preferably take dietary low-fat margarine or regular low-fat margarine.

It is wise to ensure that you always have a box of bars (without a flag) in your car for emergencies. If you have forgotten your product once, it is not so bad for once, try to drink enough water and if possible eat some permitted vegetables with fish or lean meat.

If you have forgotten your products for several eating moments, get a box of low-fat quark natural at the supermarket and take around 150 g per eating moment to limit the damage as much as possible. If you have the opportunity, it is also possible to take fish or lean meat.

Boiled carrots have a high glycemic index. This means that the carbohydrates (sugars) in the carrots are quickly digested in the intestines and are therefore absorbed quickly into the blood, so that the blood glucose level rises too quickly. This can cause the body to get out of ketosis.

Cheese is not permitted in the first phases of the PowerSlim Programme. This is because cheese is high in  fat.  Low-fat cheese, such as 20+ or ​​30+ cheese, still contains relatively much fat.  Low-fat processed cheese (20+) and cottage cheese is  allowed in Phase 1.

No, this is not allowed. For optimal burning and a constant supply of proteins to protect the muscles, there should be 2 to 2.5 hours between each eating moment. For example, if you take your evening meal at 6 pm, you can have a PowerSlim dessert around 8:30 pm.

PowerSlim Products

PowerSlim products are not sweetened with sugar or aspartame. The Stevia sweetener is 100% natural and provides 0 calories. Stevia is extracted from a plant that has been used as a sweetener in South America for centuries.

No.  To ensure that PowerSlim can guarantee the very highest quality of its products, all PowerSlim products are balanced in composition with the help of specific knowledge from a team of food technologists and dietitians. Thanks to this specialized team, the products contain the right proteins in the right quantities and proportions. The composition is particularly important to lose weight in a healthy way. No raw materials from China are used.

The PowerSlim products are enriched with extra minerals that are indispensable during the slimming process. Furthermore, the addition of a dietary fibre ensures that PowerSlim can guarantee the highest quality products. Make sure that you do not make copies but that you use the real PowerSlim products.