Of course you want to know approximately what your investment in the weight loss programme will be. This depends entirely on how much weight you want to lose and how long you spend doing it, but as an example:

You begin with a PowerSlim starter box which has a variety of products for 8 to 10 days of meals and snacks. This starter pack contains 48 items, including a shaker and high-quality vitamins and minerals for a month. Separate to these items there is also a booklet containing extensive starting information with a weekly menu.

The PowerSlim products are balanced and the composition is particularly important to lose weight in a healthy way. You should not use other weight loss products whilst on the programme as their composition will not be as nutritionally complete. Always make sure that you use authentic PowerSlim products from your coach to stay healthy and balanced.

On average women lose 1 kg-1.5 kg per week and men lose 1.5 kg -2 kg per week. You can use this to estimate the costs and length of time it will take to reach your target weight.

PowerSlim meals, snacks and drinks vary in cost but on average are £2.30 per eating moment. You will use 5-6 PowerSlim products (women) or 6-7 meals (men) per day. The PowerSlim products replace the types of food that you normally buy at the supermarket like bread, pasta, soup, desserts, so you can deduct these costs from your weekly shopping bill.

Coaching during the PowerSlim weight loss programme is free.

If you are curious about the PowerSlim programme then just call me and make that appointment – you will be under no obligation and the appointment is complimentary.

Following our discussions you can then decide to start with the programme. The initial assessment takes approximately one hour and we discuss your goals, dieting history and also do an extensive health check together with a full body composition analysis.

Thereafter, the coaching consists of weekly consultations of approximately 20 minutes.

The number of PowerSlim products reduces in the following phases and eventually you switch to regular food. The objective of the PowerSlim programme is to help you lose weight in a nutritionally balanced way so you maintain muscle mass and keep weight off in the long-term. It is not a crash diet where you eat minimal calories and constantly feel hungry, it’s all about changing your lifestyle for better health. The more determined you are to lose weight and change your eating habits, the shorter the PowerSlim programme will be.

There is no need to eat less, only to eat differently by rethinking your eating habits and that is where I can coach, guide and support you with understanding and advice.

I will give you guidance for up to a further year after you’ve reached your target weight to help you keep on track. You’ll come for a chat every month to see how it’s going and discuss things you’re unsure about.

If you want more information or you are curious to find out if PowerSlim is for you, make an appointment for a FREE introductory meeting worth £50 – without obligation.

We understand life gets in the way of appointments and sometimes it just isn’t possible to keep to your scheduled day or time. All we would ask if that you give us as much notice as possible in order that we don’t disappoint other clients with lack of availability. Of course it is very important to see your coach every week in the phase 1 or every two weeks in phase 2, so remember to make another consultation as soon after your cancelled appointment as you can.

PowerSlim is not a crash diet. It is a way of life in which you learn to eat differently. over 130 low carb, high protein products and many delicious recipes!