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A weight loss programme devised by fully qualified dieticians using the scientifically proven concept of a low carbohydrate, high protein diet, highly effective for long-term weight management. 

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PowerSlim’s Nutrition & Coaching programme helps you lose weight and keep it off.

Over 120 delicious products for every meal occasion; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, in combination with your regular food, you’ll never get bored!

PowerSlim History

For over 10 years, PowerSlim has been a very successful nutrition and weight loss programme in Holland, Belgium and Germany, with several hundred established and experienced centres across the region and many happy clients! The first PowerSlim weight loss centre has opened in UK, in Salisbury and is set to open other centres soon.



Why Low Carbohydrate and High Protein?

Until recently, eating fewer calories was thought to be the most effective way to lose weight.  Recent scientific studies show that an increased protein intake, along with a drastic reduction in carbohydrate and fat intake, is the most effective when it comes to losing body fat while maintaining lean body mass. (1,2) This method not only ensures that you lose more fat, it is also easier to sustain. (2) Research also shows that a diet rich in proteins and with a low sugar content is the only way to maintain the target weight achieved in the longer term. (3)

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The Best Pure Ingredients

The low-carb/high protein PowerSlim products are carefully composed and consist of the very best pure ingredients. These products are largely free of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.  PowerSlim have the highest standards for their products.  When it comes to your health, only the very best is good enough. A large part of the PowerSlim assortment contains as much as 20 g of proteins per portion.  The taste experience and results are excellent.  The products are sweetened with natural Stevia extract.  A large proportion of the products are enriched with potassium which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure, and with prebiotic fibre (inulin) added with chromium that contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels.

The dieticians of PowerSlim are convinced that they have the best products on the market.

Evidence: 1) S. Soenen, ‘Efficacy of macronutrients on targeting obesity and beyond’, University of Maastricht 2010. 2) S. Devkota, DK Layman (2010) ‘Protein metabolic roles in treatment of obesity’. Curr.Opin.Clin.Nutr.Metab.Care 13,403-407. 3) PM Clifton, D. Condo, JB Keogh (2014) ‘Long term weight maintenance after advice to consume low carbohydrate, higher protein diets’.


A new approach to weightloss

The PowerSlim programme consists of 3 phases. The first phase is the strict phase and you continue with this until you have achieved 40% of the required weight loss. In the second phase you reach your goal weight and in the third phase you learn to maintain your weight.

Phase 1: Losing weight

This is the active phase and here you reach the largest part of your weight loss. In this first phase you take 5 to 7 PowerSlim products per day. In addition, you also eat lean meat, fish, eggs and many vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Phase 2: Reach your target weight

You reach your goal weight in the second or transition phase. This phase forms the transition between the weight loss period and the normal eating pattern. More food types are gradually added to the menu. Bread, fruit, cheese, nuts and grain products are gradually returned to the menu. Your PowerSlim nutrition coach will teach you about the right choices and quantities.

Phase 3: Prevent the yo-yo effect

Now that you have reached your goal weight, your coach will not let you go. Weight management is the biggest challenge of losing weight. That's why you learn to eat healther in the stabilization phase. During this phase you only use snacks from PowerSlim.

Maintain weight

Your weight is stable, you have come to know and overcome your pitfalls and you now know exactly which foods and quantities you can eat best to retain your weight for life!

The next 6-12 months are going to happen. You can decide to change something today or keep doing what you’re doing. If you change something today you should be in a different place in 6-12 months time. If you don’t, you won’t!


Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

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