Don’t eat less, eat differently & lose weight!

You In Balance helps you slim down and feel healthy with PowerSlim.

My name is Anne Bailey and after years of battling with diets and finally losing weight and transforming my life, I wanted to bring PowerSlim to my hometown of Salisbury and help people here to lose weight and more importantly…. keep it off!

PowerSlim weight loss programme with coaching

As a trained PowerSlim nutrition coach, I work with you and coach you to help you to break free of the cycle of weight loss and then weight gain (the yo-yo effect). Let me teach you how easy it is to maintain a healthy weight in the long term. Developed by qualified dieticians and aimed at achieving and maintaining a healthy target weight, the PowerSlim weight loss programme is based on the latest scientific insights. Followed correctly, you can lose 1.5Kg – 2Kg per week in the first phase and coaching is free for the entire programme !

To achieve optimum results

PowerSlim takes into account the function of various nutrients. The products contain few fuels (carbohydrates) and many building materials (proteins). This results in fat reserves being used as an energy source while the muscle mass is retained.

Clients tell me that not only do they lose weight, they feel better, have more energy, get better sleep, have clearer skin, improved menstrual periods, are less moody or have milder mood swings, fewer headaches, and that it helps with IBS and Constipation. Read our testimonials.

    • Phase 1A & 1B (40%)
    • Phase 2A, 2B & 2C (40%)
    • Phase 3 (20%)

    Your Journey to a Slimmer and Healthier you!

    The PowerSlim programme has three phases, divided into six steps with six eating moments per day – every 2.5 hours. During those moments, conventional foods are replaced by PowerSlim products. The eating moments are supplemented with various meats and fish, eggs and lots of vegetables! There is also a programme for those who are vegetarian.


    Starting: Phase One

    The first phase is the strict phase, you actively start losing weight. You have an eating moment every 2.5 hours. Followed correctly, a weight loss of 1.5Kg – 2Kg per week can be achieved.


    Balancing: Phase Two

    In the transition phase you gradually learn a healthy diet. Slowly the PowerSlim products are replaced by regular food products.


    Maintaining: Phase Three

    Even after achieving your goal weight, I will continue to guide and advise you. In this third and final phase you only eat snacks from PowerSlim.

    Let’s face it: finding a good balance between tasty food and healthy living and a healthy weight is often difficult. A helping hand is a solution, so that you don’t succumb to temptations. Your PowerSlim coach offers that support!

    Another condition for success: the programme has been developed in such a way that it is very easy to integrate into your daily life.

    The decision to lose weight is a big step. You don’t want to spend a lot of money for a result that is only temporary. You prefer quick and lasting results, but you also want to lose weight in a healthy way.

    PowerSlim is not a crash diet. It is a way of life in which you do not eat less but learn to eat differently.

    Healthy Eating Salisbury

    The Benefits

    • Long lasting weight loss – change your eating habits, we educate you
    • Lose weight without feeling tired
    • No hunger – high protein is more satisfying
    • Lose fat not muscle – because it is low carb/high protein
    • The food tastes amazing
    • The whole family can eat together – cook only once for everyone – meals can adapt
    • You don’t have to buy all the ingredients – we deliver to you
    • Support and encouragement from your coach – we work together – you are not alone!
    • Boost your immune system – you feel better for the weight loss and the nutrient rich food improves your immune system
    • Learn new recipes that you can use over and over

    The next 6-12 months are going to happen. You can decide to change something today or keep doing what you’re doing. If you change something today you should be in a different place in 6-12 months time. If you don’t, you won’t!


    Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

    Barack Obama

    Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going!


    Why PowerSlim?

    • Expert advice
    • A huge variety of tasty products for every meal occasion – approximately 120 products in the PowerSlim range
    • Developed by dietitians
    • Healthy diet with complete nutrition
    • Easy to maintain
    • Protein-rich diet – preserves muscle mass with no yo-yo effect as with crash diets
    • Promotes metabolism
    • Up to 12 months aftercare for weight retention

    You have worked hard to achieve your goal weight, now it is important to stabilize your weight and to hold on to it in the long term. It has been proven that if you stay at your target weight for a year, you are much more likely to keep this weight off for good. That is why PowerSlim dieticians have developed the programme to include coaching for a year after hitting target weight.

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